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Modern Teaching Aids is the most trusted & longest serving educational resource business in Australia & New Zealand, however, not all teachers & administrators are aware of MTA & the full extent of their offering. Our challenge was to increase this awareness, ensuring MTA becomes the first choice across every educational category. 

We arrived at the insight that it takes a village to educate a child – a close collaboration of parents, educators, administrators & MTA who all go the ‘extra mile’ to help children fulfil their potential. 

This insight founded a year-long campaign that utilises TV, online video, digital display, print & social media to identify, empathise & inspire educators, administrators & parents, connecting them with MTA as the ‘go-to’ for all of their resource needs.


An extension of the campaign idea highlights the fact that educators and parents often get asked funny, challenging and sometimes uncomfortable questions by kids. We used these curly questions to provide cut through and a relatable hook for MTA to show how they’ve gone the extra mile to help teachers answer (almost) all of them.

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