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The Idea Shed’s latest (and one of the greatest)
bulbs details the importance of the right cultural
fit, why youngsters needn’t worry about their first
gig, and what she’s learned so far at The Idea Shed.


If I’m honest, stepping into this role was a little daunting at first.

One of the first things you think about when starting somewhere new is “Will I fit in?” – not “Will they fit me?” I got lucky in that I’ve been able to ask that question, because from day one at The Idea Shed, I’ve felt like my opinion has mattered. For a junior designer in her first agency, that’s a big thing. To me, cultural fit means being able to be myself, and know that being myself is enough – that I matter as much as anybody else here.

If I’m honest, stepping into this role was a little daunting at first. I have no background in marketing, having only recently graduated from Enmore Design Centre, where I covered off your basic branding and design principles, so it’s been really interesting learning the other side.

Without trying to sound naff – I’m learning something new every day here, even if it’s something small. I’m a walking sponge at this point. The best thing is that everyone is willing to take their time with me, answer my annoying questions and show me new tricks – which eliminates any feelings of being a pest, or the sense that I’m in the way – something that most juniors/interns feel at some stage.

The Idea Shed have already figured me out, they’ve worked out my strengths, and weaknesses. It’s awesome to have the balance between working on projects that require me to learn new skills, and projects that I feel more comfortable with using the skills I already have. The balance allows me to bring more of myself to each brief I work on.

I think at the end of the day, cultural fit is the most important thing. You want to work with people that you can spend 8 hours of the day with and still think their jokes are somewhat funny. If I could sum up my experience at The Idea Shed so far, it’d be bloody great. So, to all the freshies out there looking for their first junior role, don’t stress about what you do and don’t know yet. Find the right crew for you and the rest will come easy.

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