Bausch & Lomb's Eye Drops


Healthy Vision

As the second-largest player in the pharmacy lens care category, Bausch & Lomb sought to expand its market share by entering the eye drops segment. The challenge was to develop a launch campaign that would encourage the target audience to become proactive about their eye health.

In the "Your eyes don't lie" campaign, BioDrops showcased itself as the ultimate solution for eye strain during screen overload. The campaign used a police mugshot visual device, with people holding signs admitting their eye-related offences, highlighting the consequences of neglecting eye health.

The "Your Eyes Don't Lie" campaign, featured across print, digital, and social media channels, successfully launched BioDrops as an innovative solution in the eye care category. By addressing eye discomfort linked to modern lifestyle choices in an accessible and relatable manner, the campaign struck a chord with its audience. The campaign significantly raised awareness and established BioDrops as a caring and effective response to everyday eye care needs.