Fueling Colourful Adventures at Coles Express

Fanta needed to position itself as the unrivaled choice in the flavoured beverage market, capturing a broader audience and differentiating from competitors. Overcoming limited point-of-sale opportunities, the aim was to create an unparalleled promotion at Coles Express.

Fanta rolled out the "Colourful Adventures" promotion, a vibrant three-month event that appealed to all ages, capitalising on the playful spirit of Australians with Augmented Reality-based games. The Idea Shed played a pivotal role, formulating a solid strategy, spearheading the creative process, and overseeing the digital production, including the creation of a specialised microsite. Our detailed planning and promotional management were crucial in amplifying the campaign's reach and effectiveness.

Fanta's "Colourful Adventures" shattered expectations, repositioning the brand as the go-to choice for a wider audience. The promotion generated a surge in foot traffic and consumer engagement, driving penetration and frequency. With captivating AR gamification, Fanta enthralled participants, awarding irresistible prizes like an orange retro Kombi van, UE Booms, and $50k holidays. This dynamic and inclusive approach resonated with Australians of all ages, establishing Fanta as a leader in the flavoured beverage market.

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