OMO Dilute

OMO Dilute

OMO’s latest product launch is the first of its kind in Australia. The Dilute at Home Refill offers a more sustainable solution without compromising on efficacy. We were tasked with creating an integrated launch campaign that introduced the product and educated consumers on how to use it.

Refill, Dilute, Reuse

We developed a simple 3 step process that answered shoppers’ ‘how to?’ and was supported by icons corresponding to ‘Refill, Dilute, Reuse’.

Utililsing the distinct OMO brand colours alongside an ‘at home’ lifestyle background we placed the product in consumers’ homes.

To increase visibility in-store, we created bespoke large displays to disrupt shoppers whilst putting a big focus on education.

Further to this, a series of demonstrational videos were created that were easily accessed through an on-pack QR code. 

The videos broke down the key benefits associated with value, sustainability and education, through a simple and easy to interpret format.