Made for Life

Caroma, an iconic, Australian brand, specialising in purposeful design led, quality Bathroom solutions, was facing a dilemma. Despite its 80 year heritage for recognised innovation of water saving technologies, including the world’s first Dual Flush Cistern, the perception for some, was perhaps rooted in the past, rather than embracing the brand for its continued relevance in today’s world.

The challenge was clear: Caroma needed to redefine and reaffirm its attributes to reclaim relevance and market leadership.

Breathing new life

into an iconic brand

The Idea Shed was brought onboard to craft a new brand identity that truly represented Caroma’s unparalleled design and quality. Through an in-depth strategic dive, we unearthed Caroma’s core appeal to both professionals and consumers.

The pivotal insight: Caroma’s blend of design excellence and functionality delivered the customer value proposition “Designed for Living, Built for Life”, setting the stage for a revitalised brand direction.

The unique blend of function and beauty in Caroma’s offerings inspired the brand platform “Caroma Made For Life”. The phrase encapsulated the brand’s commitment to creating designs that served everyday life with elegance and durability. A sleek, minimalist design approach was adopted, spotlighting the superior design and innovation of Caroma’s products.

At the heart of the “Made For Life” vision is the portrayal of authentic moments illustrating genuine consumer interactions with Caroma products. Our two-day shoot captured this, merging design with daily life, creating striking brand imagery, for use across all platforms.

The result? A rejuvenated brand voice in a “real life”-averse category. Armed with a cohesive brand book and new launch assets, Caroma is ready to relaunch.

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