Ivory Coat

Feed Them Right

We were tasked with developing a bold omni-channel campaign that challenged the market leader and that had owners’ question what they’re feeding their pets. Our solution? We identified key user personas within the "responsible provider" audience segment and from here, planted a seed of doubt by highlighting that all dogs are different and so are their needs.

Are you feeding your dog right?



Dogs Chosen


We kicked off the campaign with the ‘Ivory Coat Dog Search’ – a social recruitment drive across 3 weeks to find real Australian dogs that love Ivory Coat to feature in the campaign. The chosen 20 dogs (of different breeds, ages and sizes) were photographed across a 2 day shoot, interacting with their owners and the Ivory Coat product itself.

The animated rotating quadrants brought the dogs to life as one in an impactful creative treatment. The campaign was also supported in-store and through digital banners, social (paid & owned) and native articles all driving click through to the new online interactive tool – the Ivory Coat Food Check.

The new strategic platform ‘Feed Them Right’ was brought to life in a hero 15 & 6 second TVC.

96% completion rate across catch up TV

5,700 completed food checks after 1 week

Completed sessions at the end of the campaign 200% vs. upfront KPIs

Reach across the campaign


Increase in traffic to site, 2 months post launch


The Ivory Coat Food Check, an interactive calculator that helps people understand what food is right for their pet. We collected information based on their pets age, breed, size, lifestyle and weight, and provided a recommended feeding guide.

An essential tool for the well being of your beloved pet.