Jacob's Creek x ICC


Hits A Six

Jacob's Creek, a trusted Australian brand, sought to overcome the perception of being a "value" wine and establish a stronger connection with consumers. They faced the challenge of building affinity and increasing sales in a competitive market.

To address this challenge, Jacob's Creek leveraged a three-year sponsorship with the ICC. The key strategy was to create a gamified campaign experience that appealed to both cricket and gaming enthusiasts. This approach aimed to forge an authentic connection with consumers and elevate the brand's perception.

A Gamified Campaign Experience

The ICC-centered gamified campaign was a resounding success for Jacob's Creek. Nationwide deployment of captivating assets, both on and off-premise, effectively captured consumer attention.

The inclusion of a cricket game enabled consumers to engage actively, earning them enticing rewards like instant cash and VIP tickets to the esteemed ICC World Test Championship in London. Consequently, Jacob's Creek witnessed a remarkable boost in brand affinity, stronger consumer connections, and significant sales growth.