Jacob's Creek x Scanpan

The Perfect


Jacob's Creek's ongoing partnership investment with MasterChef proved to be a resounding success. The strategic alliance positioned Jacob's Creek as the wine of choice within this highly influential media property, elevating the brand's premium image and solidifying its association as a wine that Australians proudly share. The challenge at hand was to effectively translate this sponsorship into increased sales.

Jacob's Creek and Scanpan Join Hands for MasterChef Magic

The Idea Shed adopted a creative commerce strategy, positioning the brand as an essential tool and source of inspiration for home chefs. This approach focused on empowering aspiring cooks, fostering a deep and meaningful relationship by blending product practicality with imaginative engagement. The collaboration with Scanpan significantly enhanced this effort, elevating the consumer experience. The campaign featured adaptable and compelling content across multiple channels, from in-store displays to digital platforms, showcasing the Scanpan partnership and encouraging active consumer involvement.

The results surpassed all expectations, with an astounding 12,287 total entries received, showcasing immense interest and active participation. Opt-in rates soared to an impressive 37%, capturing consumer attention successfully. Notably, a remarkable 78% of participants eagerly collected $100 worth of vouchers, underscoring the irresistible value of the promotion. These extraordinary outcomes cemented Jacob’s Creek’s premium image and solidified its position as the wine that Australians proudly share.

total entries received


increase in opt-in rates