Kinsman's Bold Brand Revival in

'The Block'

Amidst the high stakes of "The Block's" 19th season, Kinsman was poised to leverage its longstanding sponsorship to rejuvenate its brand image and reignite brand awareness. The challenge was multifaceted: Kinsman needed to distinguish itself in a saturated market teeming with competitors during its key advertising stint.

Winning Big

During The Block

Furthermore, the brand aspired to transform the often intangible dreams of home renovation into tangible aspirations, thereby increasing brand engagement and stimulating lead generation.

The overarching goal was to convert passive viewers into active customers, stimulating market presence and sales in what was anticipated to be the most pivotal campaign of the year.

Recognising that "The Block" inspires many to dream of home makeovers, our campaign demystified the idea of a dream renovation, making it accessible and real. We introduced the "Distracted Pet Camera," an endearing character, tasked with watching over the household pet, yet irresistibly captivated by the allure of Kinsman's stunning kitchen, wardrobe, and laundry designs.

The Distracted

Pet Camera

This narrative gave the campaign a unique twist, with the camera's journey through a home equipped with Kinsman's elegant designs, providing a relatable and engaging story to highlight the brand's commitment to quality and design excellence. The multi-channel campaign spanned across TV, digital platforms, and print, bringing a distinct and memorable presence to Kinsman in a competitive marketplace.

The campaign launch during 'The Block's Kitchen Reveal Week propelled Kinsman to the forefront of the home renovation market, with a highly targeted multichannel mix of TV, digital, and print advertising.

The campaign delivered outstanding outcomes during a key week, firmly establishing Kinsman as a dominant force in the market and aligning with consumer desires for practical home renovation options. It not only spurred a significant increase in website visits and an unprecedented surge in brochure downloads but also generated substantial leads with a 223% rise in designer appointment bookings compared to the previous year. This success highlights Kinsman’s strong market impact and its growing appeal among consumers.

Number of website visits


Increase of brochure downloads