There's more

in store

LMG faced a dual dilemma: their Bottlemart and SipnSave brands were lingering in the shadows of low consumer awareness, and battling the myth that independent retailers couldn't compete on price and variety. Our mission was to catapult these brands into the limelight, transforming market presence and consumer perception with a standout brand identity.

Putting more

into the brand

We developed "There's More in Store™", a multifaceted brand platform showcasing LMG's broad offerings and top-tier service, while also forecasting a horizon filled with growth and opportunities for the brand and its patrons.

Our inaugural campaign for the platform brought this to life. The TVC zooms in on relatable everyday micro-moments where expectations don't quite meet reality: a dog's indifference to its owner, a hardware store's lack of assistance in times of need, or even a 'jumbo' prawn that falls way short of expectations. At its core, the campaign's message and new brand platform, 'There's more in store', positions the brands as a remedy for life's minor disappointments.

The ripple effect of our campaign was both heartening and tangible. Engagement rates lifted by 10.52%, while our message reached an audience over 9 million strong in the first few weeks of launch. Coverage swept across TV, digital landscapes, and the buzz of social channels, supported by print and a physical presence that felt both inviting and familiar in stores.

LMG's brand refresh resonated with its National Retailer Network, notably lifting Bottlemart and SipnSave's market presence. This rise in brand recognition marks a positive shift for LMG, building steady brand loyalty and trust.