Magners 'Like It Should Be'

Our challange was to revitalise Magners Cider in Australia by halting its decline, eradicating low brand awareness, and overturning the negative perception among 25-40-year-old Australians following the ownership shift from CCEP to Good Drinks Australia.

Reviving Magners Cider in Australia

The campaign unveiled the dynamic creative platform, 'Like It Should Be', establishing Magners as the unrivalled standard for cider excellence and celebrating its authentic heritage across various moments and occasions

Magners 'Like It Should Be'

The launch made a resounding impact in Summer 2022 through a strategic blend of Out-of-Home (OOH), Digital, and Social media channels, targeting both on- and off-premise locations. Further boosting the campaign's momentum, a series of activations were orchestrated for St Patrick's Day 2023, elevating support for the brand and fostering engagement.