NSW Government

Let's Stay Open NSW

The NSW Government faced the formidable task of forging a versatile communications platform to guide businesses through the treacherous landscape of COVID-19. With ever-evolving safety regulations and a constant stream of new support packages, the mission was to ensure businesses remained at the forefront of the latest announcements, enabling them to stay open safely with unwavering support.

Compounding this challenge was a prevalent culture of complacency, where enforced compliance yielded diminishing returns, leaving businesses feeling coerced rather than supported.

To surmount these obstacles, we unleashed the "Let's Stay Open NSW" campaign. Its resolute purpose was to educate and enlighten businesses about the ever-shifting safety regulations and the arsenal of available support packages.

Through a resounding and empowering tone, the NSW Government's communications instilled confidence, arming businesses with indispensable knowledge for informed decision-making. An omnichannel communications framework emerged, unleashing a deluge of meticulously tailored messages that flooded the market.