Oli 6

The Oli 6

Success Story

Our challenge was to build an engaging brand from scratch for Nuchev, an Australian health food company, and successfully launch their new infant and toddler formula range, Oli 6. Standing out in a competitive market was paramount.

A Winning Formula for Brand Building

To address this challenge, we strategically positioned Oli6 as The Naturally Smarter Choice, directly challenging its biggest competitors, cows milk.

By emphasising the natural prebiotic oligos found in goat's milk, which closely resemble those in breast milk, we highlighted Oli6's superior nutritional benefits and positioned it as the preferred alternative to cow milk for infant and toddler nutrition.

Oli 6 swiftly emerged as the fastest-growing infant and toddler formula brand, dominating Australian supermarkets and becoming the top goat formula brand at Chemist Warehouse.

With an impressive 61% growth, Oli 6 captivated consumers, earning the highest ratings and reviews from discerning mothers. Strategic gift with purchase activities led to a remarkable 20% baseline uplift in sales, fostering unwavering brand loyalty and unparalleled consumer engagement.



Baseline uplift in sales